Homestead Updates!

Hello friends!

 Its a brand new jam packed week living out our dream building more of the homestead. Cant believe its already the last few days of August, can you? Im not too sure how I feel about it 
One thing for sure, we are soaking in as much as possible of these last sunshine rays, making the most of them. The before "winter scramble" is on(:

The greenhouse is in full bloom and it feels like a magical place. Something special about harvesting our own produce while mindfully thanking nature for her bountifulness. I love listening to the hum of the bees and the bustle n hustle of the critters roaming the permie hoop house. I absolutely love working in the garden as a family and have the opportunity to see my children interact with natural  world around them. Summer memories are the sweetest.. (Drews more of the snow person heehee)

Speaking of greenhouses, our indoor greenhouse is flourishing with microgreens! Like the busy bees in our outdoor garden, we are always hard at work to keep those tasty greens available while still expanding the farm. 
You can find us nearly every Wednesday in Hamilton at the O'haras farmers market from 4pm to 6pm. We also have fresh cut and packaged microgreens in the produce section in Burnt Fork Market in Stevensville. 

We have a couple of projects going on here in the homestead, besides our day to day usual fun! The main focus has been getting our new walipini (geothermal greenhouse) and solar system set up. Much more info will be explained in detail in September at a class we will be teaching at our friends place. She expressed her interest in Andrew teaching a couple months ago but we were unsure if we could teach. After some time and thinking, we decided we need to teach others how to build walipinis/ underground geothermal greenhouses to extend grow times therefore providing a secure food system for families, for the community no matter the weather. The class is full, with a rsvp. Its free, but donations are welcomed. We will definitely teach more classes in the future. 

It has been a challenging process but the progression Andrew has made on the build is pretty darn amazing. This has been a dream of ours to be able to create a permaculture oasis that can help provide food for the community. The journey has been humbling to say the least, but we wouldnt have it any other way! We have made mistakes but through trial and error and lots of help found seemingly impossible solutions. Its hard honest work but we are so so thankful for this opportunity. Thankful for our creator, our family, and our community!

thank you for reading and have a wonderful week!


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