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The Family

Hi! My name is Anais (ana-eees) dont worry, its complicated to say. My husbands name is Andrew and our son Elijah.
We just wanted to introduce ourselves so we can get to know each other better! We created Eternal Bloom with a mission to create a positive change for our bodies and our planet. 
Our dream is to have a self sustainable and renewable farm. An apothecary full of herbs and tonics to promote healing and self love. We wish to tend to animals and care for them. Create less waste and teach the importance of growing your own food and tending to the earth.  We wish to donate our time and food to schools, shelters, charities and churches. Our goal is not for mansions or luxury cars but instead to care for our family and provide for others. We believe in Ubuntu philosophy. 
Our journey to better health began when our early 20 year old bodies were constantly in pain. Andrew began to suffer from autoimmune symptoms and i began to suffer from neurological issues. We saw doctor after doctor. 
We changed our diet, started to exercise, meditate, and began educating ourselves on the world around us. We learned a plant based diet worked for us and we turned to natural herbs and tonics to manage our pain.
We just want to help others in the same situation or those just wanting to learn more of a natural life style. We are always available to talk.
Thank you for your time and blessings from our family to yours