Golden Sun Salve


Golden Sun Salve

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Hello Golden Sun!

This salve contains Buriti Fruit oil, rich in monosaturated fats and contains Vitamins A and E promoting moisturizing properties and cell renewal. Buriti or Aguaje oil is the highest source of natural beta carotene, even five times higher than carrot root oil! This high concentration gives our Golden Sun Salve a beautiful reddish color. Don't worry this glow won't stain your clothes! But I didn't stop there. I added Macadamia for its anti aging effects and Moringa for skin food and nourishment. I brought back my favorite oil Tamanu for this blend, excellent for acne and clogged pores. I created this salve because I love our Sun and its life giving energy, its warmth, and honestly I miss it during these Montana winters. Use this salve as a face balm, or pamper your skin after a shower/bath. It can be used on wounds, sprains, cuts and bad burns. I hope this salve nourishes your skin like our Sun nourishes our earth. 

Thank you!


Made with only organic and fair trade ingredients 
summer blend 2024

  • Local Beeswax 
  • Mango butter
  • Macadamia Oil, Moringa Oil, Buriti Fruit Oil and Tamanu 
  • Golden Salve Botanical blend promoting rebalance of skin, soothing achy and painful joints, burns, wounds, bites and cuts
If local to Bitterroot Valley Montana delivery arrangements can be made upon request please contact for any questions or inquiries.  Thank you for any interest or support in our cause, please have a healthy and blessed day from the Eternal Bloom Family. 

Our recipe was carefully made to promote balance and wellness. It contains the least amount of PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acids) oils meaning the lowest amount of free radicals and toxic chemical reactions that may cause skin damage.