Roses & Hibiscus Clay Mask


Roses & Hibiscus Clay Mask

Floral Clay Face Mask 

Moroccan Clay hand mixed and powdered with whole chamomile flowers, rosehips, hibiscus, rose petals, licorice root and marshmallow root. 4oz container is about 28-34 uses. Can be used 3x a week. 

How to use: Apply 1 TBSP to 1/4tbsp of water /rose toner or your favorite hydrosol mixed in a nonmetal bowl.  Make a paste and apply to fingertips or brush and gently massage into face using upward motions. Avoid getting into eyes. Let dry for 2-10mins and rinse gently with warm water. Pat dry and follow up with face oil or moisturizer.

Rhassoul clay: High concentration of natural minerals, deeply nourishing and healing to the skin. Tones by replenishing skins depleted minerals. Gently draws out impurities while hydrating. 

Hibiscus: Aka the botox plant, dramatic wrinkle smoothing properties, tones, and improves skin's elasticity.

Rose Petals: Moisturizes and balances the skin, rich in anti aging properties.

Rosehips: High levels of Vit C, A, E & D. Stimulates collagen and reduce fine lines.

Chamomile: Calms and soothes irritated skin, helps with acne and brings moisture to dry skin. Gentle for sensitive skin. 

Licorice root: Diminishes discoloration and age spots. Gentle for sensitive skin.

Marshmallow root: Healing properties, filled with vitamins, antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties. 

Ylang ylang essential oil: great for mature skin, helps fine lines and balances sebum production.