Silent Knight 10ml Rollerball
Silent Knight 10ml Rollerball


Silent Knight 10ml Rollerball

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Guardian of Tranquility 

Base: Helichrysum flowers infused in macadamia oil 

Silent Knight blend:
German Blue Chamomile Essential Oil, helps reduce inflammation and soothe joints. Indulge in a deeply restful sleep and nurture your skin with this natural therapeutic oil. Enjoy improved skin balance and health with Silent Knight.

French Lavender Essential Oil, deeply relaxing to help you drift off to sleep, thanks to its calming scent. Its gentle properties make it perfect for massaging into dry, cracked hands — for smooth skin and a peaceful mind. 

Helichrysum Essential Oil, the superhero of skin care! With its power to soothe inflammation and reduce pain all at once, it's a one-stop powerhouse of healing and restorative benefits. Perfect for acute trauma and a daily tonic to keep your skin healthy and happy!