Food Inspiration! part one

Hello there! Just wanted to provide a couple of awesome pictures taken by our lovely chef friends, customers and businesses we are working with presently and in the past! (: thank you to those who have supported us, its been a roller coaster but we wouldn't have it any other way! 

Microgreens are so versatile, with endless possibilities! From salads and sandwiches to cocktails and dessert these tiny but mighty greens pack a nutritional punch!
A delicious edition to any salad, garnet amaranth tastes similar to beets and adds a gorgeous red color. This salad was made by our customer Lisa Osley! 2017/2018
Micros taste great any time of day, breakfast time included! Pair some purple cabbage with your eggs for extra nutrition like our friends at Jojo Sriracha did! 2019
Try some micros and herbs on avocado toast! Our friend who is a food author in Colorado Springs made a sweet and savory meal! 2018/2019
Purple shiso lookin pretty darn good on a modern egg benedict twist created by Chef Justin Castor. 2018/2019
Easy lunch and small plate chick pea salad featuring our sweet golden corn shoots!  A special made by Tapateria. 2019
Sweet chili and garlic salmon topped with radish and purple cabbage micros! This meal is delicious and a personal favorite from The Catered Table. 2021
Can't go wrong with garlic onion micros and sorrel combo on fish! Special created by Chef Josh Davis, Sonterra Grill. 2019
 Turn pizza up a notch and top it with some delicious sunflower micros. This was an incredible veggie creation by Nightingale Bread. 2019 
Spicy mustard microgreen mix tastes amazing on local meat! Gorgeous meal created by Chef Nick, Cowboy Star. 2018/2019
Elevate your dessert with out of the box thinking. Beautiful presentation and dessert by the Ephemera crew in the Springs, featuring our nasturtium. pop up dinner. 2019

I hope this gets you excited to eat some tiny and mighty microgreens! Part two coming soon!
Thanks for lookin <3

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