Montana Update

We are so grateful to be in the beautiful state of Montana. Never have I seen such beauty in nature! The people here are absolutely amazing and our family shares the same ideology/morals with our neighbors and the people are just so friendly. We feel like we have so many things in common! It truly is the last best place.
As much as it is bittersweet to have left our home, my side of the family, and our wonderful friends we are thankful to be here. Although this transition has not been easy but honestly is change ever easy?! Being pregnant with our bubbly wild 3 year old has had its challenges but I am genuinely excited for our future. Did I mention the people here are so welcoming and amazing?! lol (:


We have been given an opportunity to build a 1600sqft greenhouse growing varieties of lettuce, tomatoes, squash, chili peppers, bell peppers, melons, herbs, edible flowers, strawberries, elder berries, goji berries, and honey berries. We will have another 1600sqft greenhouse up soon for more veggie and fruit goodness. We are also planning on growing our own hemp this year. We suffered a terrible loss in our family but we know we must keep the dream and his family plan alive. We must remain hopeful and positive. Hard work pays off and a wise man once told me its all in your attitude! 



Eternal Bloom is currently a vendor at the Hamilton Farmers Market Co-op located at 205 Bedford St. We are there every Saturday from 9am to 1230pm serving our delicious micro greens, edible flowers, and our lettuce salad mixes! 














ig love to all those who have welcomed our family businesses and given us a chance, 

  • Mission Bistro
  • 1889
  • Suzette's Organics
  • The Catered Table 
  • Bitterroot Brewery
  • The amazing vendors and customers at the Hamilton Farmers Market
I will be posting any updates soon! Thank you for reading <3


  • tanya mcelfresh

    We love you guys and your products! Sweet family!

  • joy Nelson

    Is it possible to visit your farm? We operate the local Lone Rock Farmers Market here in Stevensville, & would love to have you be a vendor at our market on Saturdays from 4-7pm. Our Lone Rock community really desires fresh produce at our market & we need more of it.

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