Garnet Amaranth
Garnet Amaranth


Garnet Amaranth

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Organic non-gmo garnet amaranth micro green
grown in organic and bio-dynamic local Montana
compost mixed with our living soil blend. 
If any supplementation for growth is needed, in or above 
soil we use only organic probiotic nutrients.

Nutritional Value and Facts:
(Each full tray is aprox 10 servings)

  • Rich in vitamin C
  • carotenoids
  • vitamin K
  • vitamin E
Micro Garnet Amaranth is usually suited for savory dishes, but can complement some sweet flavors as well. It is intended for raw preparations with it mild earthy flavor that is reminiscent of a beet with a delicate sweet grassy finish. These vibrant micro greens have fuchsia stems and diamond-shaped burgundy leaves. Very popular among chefs who have used micro greens to enhance the flavors of their dishes and give a new dimension to their plate presentation since the 1990's. 

If local to Southwestern Montana delivery arrangements can be made upon request please contact Thank you for any interest or support in our cause, please have a healthy and blessed day from the Eternal Bloom Family.