La Rosa Salve
La Rosa Salve
La Rosa Salve


La Rosa Salve

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Experience the luxurious benefits of La Rosa Salve! She's back and infused with rose petals, passionflower, and rosehips. This gentle formula will moisturize and nourish skin while leaving it delicately fragrant. Enjoy the soothing scent of roses and the nourishing effects of this natural blend! La rosa salve is a loving addition for your self care ritual <3

It is no surprise people are drawn to roses, sweet and intoxicating. Their beauty is divine. Along with its plant power properties to ease stress and its plethora of beauty wellness, it also carries the highest vibration, 320MHz. The highest of any plant, making it the closest tangible thing to Amor. 

Made with only organic and fair trade ingredients

  • Passion flower, rosehips and rose petals infused in Macadamia and Moringa Oil
  • Local Montana beeswax
  • Made with Rose Di Mai, known as the hundred petal rose, beneficial for dry, mature and sensitive skin.

All prices include shipping. If local to  Bitterroot Valley in Montana delivery arrangements can be made upon request. Please contact for any questions or inquiries.  Thank you for any interest or support in our cause, please have a healthy and blessed day from the Eternal Bloom Family.